Director, Toyota Adria

Gregor Mauko has been employed at Toyota Adria since 2003. As he says, he is the company’s most rotated manager. He was the regional director in charge of sales, director of Toyota Slovenia, regional director in charge of resales, regional director in charge of sales and marketing, retail director of the Toyota Center Ljubljana Group and since 2015, a member of the Management Board of the Toyota Adria Group, responsible for the commercial part of the company (commercial director). Since taking office, the group has doubled its revenue. Despite the COVID-19 situation, which, thanks to him, did not affect Toyota Adria and its business partners too much, in the last three years, he has been devoting a lot of time to the services of so-called new mobility. Thanks to him, Toyota Slovenia is one of the three Toyota & Lexus pilot distributors of new mobility in Europe. Projects such as Toyota DriveMe and ToyotaGo, which will be launched in the autumn together with the Municipality of Kočevje and the Sopotniki organisation, are just two projects in this field in Slovenia. “Start your impossible” and “Mobility for all” are not only marketing phrases for him but excellent and effective promoters of positive changes in Slovenian society, as well. This year, he again accepted the position of director of Toyota Slovenia as a challenge, as he believes that we are a market that is mature enough to go “Beyond the borders”.