President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia

Igor Zorčič, President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia, was born in 1978, and he holds a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Law, University in Ljubljana. After graduating from the Faculty of Law of the University of Ljubljana, he got a job in 2003 as a solicitor at the International Claims Department of a commercial insurance company. In the period from 2004 to 2009, he was an expert in criminal law at the District State Prosecutor’s Office in Krško. In 2006, he passed the State Law Examination. Three years later, he got a job at a law firm, where he worked as an attorney until 2014 when he was first elected Deputy of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia. During his 2014-2018 term, he chaired the Committee on Infrastructure, Environment and Spatial Planning. As chairman of the committee, he advocated and encouraged investments into environmentally-friendly electricity generation technologies, especially the construction of a chain of five hydroelectric power plants on the Lower Sava, which simultaneously provide a renewable energy source and open new development opportunities for the local environment.

During the current term of National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia 2018-22, he was the leader of the SMC parliamentary group (Party of the Modern Centre) until March 2021. On March 5th, 2020, he was elected as the 14th President of the National Assembly.

In the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Brežice, where he has been working as a councillor since 2014, he strives for projects that, by creating new, sustainable jobs, will contribute to raising the quality of life of local residents and attract new, young residents. In his opinion, the key development projects are the construction of fibre optic broadband services in rural areas, the construction of tourist infrastructure and cycle paths with associated infrastructure, on which the future development of the Smart villages project in the border area of the Posavje region can be based.