Mayor of the Municipality of Krško

Miran Stanko, born on 28 March 1956, is a civil engineer who graduated with an undergraduate degree in economics, and a master’s degree in business and informatics, from the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana. He completed his specialization in public finance and tax consulting at the Faculty of Economics in Maribor.

He worked in construction operations for 14 years as a civil engineer, and in 1990 he founded his own company Hermes in Krško, which deals with business informatics and the development of IT technologies and business consulting.

In the period 1998-2002, he was appointed a member of the Krško NPP Management Board, and in the years 2006-2009, he was a member of the GEN energija Management Board. He was also a Member of the Management Board for the Fund for the Financing of the Decommissioning of the Krško Nuclear Power Plant and the Disposal of Radioactive Waste from Krško NPP for two terms.

From 1998 to 2010, he was a municipal councillor for the municipality of Krško for three terms, elected on the SLS list.

He was first elected mayor in March 2012, and then in October 2014. He was re-elected mayor of the Municipality of Krško in November 2018.

Views on Smart Villages and the EU’s Long Term Vision for Rural Areas:

The Municipality of Krško covers a very diversified area, as it has a typical urban area and industry, but most of covered area is rural, so as mayor, he directs a lot of activities and investments in rural areas. In particular, he seeks to improve farming conditions through investments such as land consolidation, agro-melioration, and the establishment and expansion of irrigation systems. At the same time, he is aware of the issue of population ageing and the consequent challenges that brings. His main goal is to enable quality living for the elderly in rural areas, so he actively supports and participates in the Silver Village project.