Former member of European parliament

Born in Budapest (Hungary) in 1956.
Married, with five children.
Graduated in economics at the Karl Marx University (currently Corvinus University) in Budapest in 1980, extended to doctorate (PhD) level in 1987.
Worked with trading companies, served as a diplomat, a Government official and later became an international consultant.
In 1998 he was elected as Member of the Hungarian Parliament under the Socialist’s flag, for four consecutive terms, i.e. 16 years, altogether.
He participated the Hungarian Government as State Secretary for Agriculture and Rural Development (2002-2004) and as State Secretary for Economy and Transport (2004-2006).
In 2014 he was elected as Member of the European Parliament (S&D) for the legislative period 2014-2019.
Currently he has been elected for vice-president of his new party, namely YesSolidarity.
In addition, he works as a freelance advisor/consultant for digitization projects, in particular those aimed at ‘Smart Villages’.